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Staff : Dr. Adam Henry
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Dr. Adam Henry
(480) 965-5965
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If you would like to schedule an appointment with Adam Henry, please e-mail Joanne Pelton, Administrative Assistant, at and request an appointment. Thank you.
User Image About Dr. Adam Henry:
Adam Henry is the Director of the ASU Study Abroad Office (SAO) and is a Faculty Associate with the School of Politics and Global Studies, and the College of Integrated Sciences and Arts. He also provides cultural mentorship to international faculty studying within grant-funded programs through ASU's Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College Center for Advanced Studies in Global Education.

As Director, Dr. Henry helps direct the long-term vision of study abroad at ASU and its connection across the curriculum. He leads the SAO team and works closely with a wide array of ASU faculty and upper administration to develop and advance study abroad goals and initiatives for the institution. He also plans, directs and supervises the activities and operations of the SAO, including the management of all ASU student exchange agreements, new program development and assessment. He is passionate about providing outstanding programming that is accessible to our students.

Dr. Henry holds a Doctorate of Education degree, a master's degree in Educational Leadership and a bachelor's degree in International Relations. His research interests include: cross-cultural training, expatriate training and preparation, organizational leadership, international education, and the teaching of cultural competencies within higher education. His dissertation "The Development and Implementation of a Pre-International Course: A Cultural Intervention in a University Setting" was completed in 2014.

Before the SAO, Dr. Henry worked as the Assistant Director of the Study Abroad Office and the American English and Culture Program (AECP).  Previous to ASU, he managed a volunteer/advocacy program for an international non-governmental organization (NGO) for seven years.  He also lived, studied & worked in China for three years.  He has studied, volunteered and traveled extensively in the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Peru, Kenya, Zambia, South Africa, all of the Middle East, and China.

Adam has contributed to the field of international education through the following accomplishments:

NAFSA (Los Angeles, CA), May 2017
Workshop Presentation: Management Models: Building an Effective Team in Education Abroad
Additional Presenters: Dr. Nick Gozik (Boston College), Dr. Amanda Kelso (Duke University), Iyonka Strawn-Valcy (Kennesaw State University)

IIE Summit on Generation Study Abroad (Washington, DC), October 2016
Workshop Presentation: Education for the Common Good: Creating Deeper Connections and Meaningful Community Impact thorugh Study Abroad)
Additional Presenters: Bo White (Baylor University) and Joy Phaphouvaninh (University of IL - at Urbana-Champaign)

NAFSA (Denver, CO), May 2016
Workshop Presentation: Town Hall with the U.S. Study Abroad Branch, Department of State
Additional Presenters: Caroline Donovan White (NAFSA), Matthew Clausen (Partners of the Americas) and Leeanne Dunsmore (U.S. Department of State)

Workshop Presentation: New to Management? Strategizing for the Education Abroad Office and Campus Needs
Additional Presenters: Dr. Nick Gozik (Boston College), Dr. Amanda Kelso (Duke University), Iyonka Strawn-Valcy (Kennesaw State University)

Diversity Abroad Conference (Atlanta, GA), April 2016
Workshop Presentation: Effective Strategies and Approaches for Increasing Access and Diversity at Large Public Institutions
Additional Presenters: Mary Dando (UC-Boulder) and Heather Thompson (UT Austin)

AACRAO 102nd Annual Meeting (Phoenix, AZ), March 2016
Workshop Presentation: Institutional Research & Study Abroad 

IIE's Generation Study Abroad Summit 2015 (Washington, DC), September 2015
Workshop Presentation: Transforming the Education Abroad Brand: Reaching New Populations, Curriculum Integration, and Institutional Engagement
Additional Presenters: Dr. David Shipley (Samford University), Dr. Geoff Bradshaw (Madison College), and Nichole Pazdernik (St. Cloud State University)

The Forum on Education Abroad Conference (New Orleans, LA), March 2015
Workshop Presentation: The Research, Development and Implementation of a Pre-International Experience Course for Study and Intern Abroad Participants
Additional Presenters: Dr. Bruce LaBrack (University of the Pacific), Dr. Steven Duke (Wake Forest University), and Dr. Catarina Krizancic (University of Virginia)

NAFSA Regional Conference, Region II (Tucson, AZ), October 2014
Workshop Presentation:  The Development and Implementation of a Pre-International Experience Course: Two Case Studies at a Private and Public Institution
Additional Presenters: Kathleen Horn (University of Denver) and Stephanie Roberts (University of Denver)

Workshop on Intercultural Skills Enhancement (WISE) Conference 2014 (Winston-Salem, North Carolina), February 2014
Workshop Presentation: Pre-and-Post Cultural Preparation Courses: The “Nuts and Bolts” of Course Design and Implementation in a University Setting