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Use this page to search ASU's study abroad course database or to view a list of pre-approved ASU courses offered on a particular program.

COURSE SEARCH: To view a list of programs that offer a particular ASU course abroad, click on the magnifying glass in the "View Programs" column on the Course Search results page.

PLEASE NOTE: The study abroad course database only includes courses requested by previous ASU students. The list of courses provided for any study abroad program may not be complete, and some courses may no longer be offered on the program, so be sure to refer to the details provided in the program web brochure.

If you have any questions about courses offered on a particular program, please contact your International Coordinator.
You searched for courses offered abroad  HINT: To view equivalent ASU course(s) for a particular course listed below, click on the triangle in the Prefix/Number column.

To request approval for a course not already on the pre-approved list below, you may submit a new Course Equivalency Request for the following program: ASU: Cultural Remembering and Nonfiction Writing in Romania.
Prefix/Number Title ASU Credits Course Status General Studies Notes
ENG 412
3.00 Active     
COM 494
3.00 Active