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Announcements : Impact of U.S. Action Against Syria on ASU Programs
Announcement: Impact of U.S. Action Against Syria on ASU Programs

As reported on Tuesday, 8/28/2013, U.S. officials are laying the groundwork for a possible military strike on Syria in response to a recent suspected chemical weapons attack. Although an imminent attack no longer seems likely, given some recent progress on a diplomatic solution, the safety and security of our students remains our number one priority and we continue to closely monitor the situation.

ASU offers study abroad programs in Jordan, Turkey, and Israel, all of which border Syria. On 9/9/2013, ASU made a decision to cancel our fall 2013 programs in Turkey.  At this time, all ASU programs in Jordan will proceed as normal. There are currently no ASU students participating in a Study Abroad Office program in Israel. In the event that a strike does occur and our students are required to evacuate, ASU has established contingency plans in place that will allow us to assess the situation and take appropriate action.

We are working closely with local and global security professionals and our partners in Jordan to make informed decisions about our programs in the region. We will continue to provide updates on this page as the situation continues.