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Announcements : New Course Offering
Announcement: New Course Offering

New Course Offering

SGS 484: Pre-Internship Seminar, a 1-credit course offered this fall semester through the ASU School of Politics and Global Studies, addresses the theory and practice of studying, working, and living in cultures other than your own, and focuses on the general preparation to learn successfully in diverse cultures. 

The course is designed for students who plan to study or intern abroad or who are considering working in an international context upon graduation. It is intended to help students develop an awareness of intercultural learning and recognize its value, gain specific intercultural competencies, and enable students to better understand their own culture so they can comprehend other cultures at a deeper level. These are culture-general skills, not culture-specific ones. Students will also gain career development skills to prepare them to apply to study abroad programs and related scholarships, and guidance on how to best utilize international experiences for maximum benefit and long-term career planning. 

There are two sections of the course, allowing students to choose from a Tuesday or Wednesday section.  Both sections meet on the ASU Tempe Campus for 10 weeks from 4:30-5:20pm. Register today through your MyASU (class #s: 74584 & 83113) if you desire to increase your intercultural awareness, skills and knowledge. Seats are limited!  There is 1 seat available on Tuesday and 13 seats available on Wednesday.