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Student Signature Documents and Responsibilities

Throughout the application process students are required to submit certain signature documents. These signed documents deal with issues of liability, financial responsibility and code of conduct obligations.  The following are the documents that your student will sign before they participate in a study abroad program:

Acknowledgement of Application (5)

Study Abroad Student Agreement (5)

Study Abroad Withdrawal Policy (5)

Terms of Application (5)

Medical Authorization and Release (2)

Statement of Financial Responsibility (Template)

PLEASE NOTE: These documentshave been updated for summer 2014 and future terms.  Click here to view the previous versions of these documents (effective for spring 2014 and prior terms).

While the ASU Study Abroad Office exists to support your student throughout the duration of their semester or year abroad, students assume a large amount of personal responsibility for their personal safety and well-being, academic profile and behavior while living abroad. Students must comply with program policies, the ASU Code of Conduct, as well as the local and national laws of their host country. 

The laws of a student’s host country can vary greatly from the laws of the United States. In some cases, penalties for legal infringements that are relatively minor in the US, such as possession of narcotics, can be severe, including imprisonment or even death. It is vital that students research the state and national laws pertaining to their chosen destination, and abide but all laws at all times. While the US State Department and embassies exist to aid US citizens abroad, they may be unable to retrieve US citizens who are subject to foreign punishment or imprisonment.